The Archive Department

The Archive Department is tasked with enriching, preserving and restoring the film collection of the Slovenian Cinematheque in accordance with the standards and guidelines established by FIAF.

The Cinematheque’s main objective is not only to screen films, but to provide the possibility and material conditions of film projection as such.
At the present time, when film production and reproduction have both undergone widespread digitisation, film museums and archives are the only spaces where the unique experience of film projection remains accessible—and with it, the experience of cinema’s 120 years of history in its original, immediate form. Furthermore, as current practices in film preservation indicate, film is yet to be surpassed by the digital technologies in existence.

The Archive Department took shape in September 1995 during the establishment of the Cinematheque. However, compared with other departments, this process faced a considerable challenge: following the dissolution of Yugoslavia, the majority of our prints remained in possession of the former Belgrade Cinematheque, which—under the centralised system of the time—circulated prints to federal cinematheques, including Ljubljana’s.

In 2010 the Cinematheque commenced the unique project of collecting Yugoslavian and Slovenian experimental and avant-garde film. In addition to sourcing and preserving these largely overlooked works, this project also envisions their restoration and digitisation. In fact, restoration projects are one of the areas in which we have intensified our international collaborations in terms of developing and implementing joint strategies, as well as in terms of presenting results to audiences everywhere.